The Premier Provider of High Performance Semiconductor Testing

The technology that powers today’s myriad electronic devices rely on man’s creativity and relentless research and development. What was previously a figment of imagination has become real products today. From smartphones, autonomous cars, high definition and 3D televisions, secure chip cards to gps navigation, technology has changed the way we live and communicate.

We, at ASE Singapore, play a significant role in bringing technology into the real world. Although we are not at the forefront of bringing actual products to you, we are part of the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain that designs, assembles, tests and ships the numerous chips that from the backbone of electronic devices.

Our customers include global companies who supply cutting edge semiconductor chips for the mobile, computing, networking and automotive market segments.

ASE Singapore was established in 1998 and is part of ASE Technology Holding Co., Limited listed in both the New York Stock Exchange (ASX) and Taiwan Stock Exchange (3711). We provide customers services in semiconductor chip testing, wafer probing and backend wafer level assembly services. For a complete list of services offered, please click here.